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By Chris
This post is for the players and not management to help spread the word about playing $0.10/$0.25 Blitz Poker.

We need more players to play $0.10/$0.25 Blitz Poker! We need at least 6 players to start a game obviously so if you want to play and see that there's less than 6 people, open the table anyway and join so the number of players can reach at least 6 and others will see that and want to play.

Once we get at least 6 players playing so there's a game going continuously then I am confident we can keep them going so we don't have to wait around for at least 6 players to start a game.

There's usually less than 2-3 people in the lobby, but I try to open it up every time I get on so at least others can see there are a few players waiting to start a game (I just keep it open in the background while I play other stakes/tournies).

I encourage others to do the same if you're someone who also wishes more people would play this stake.


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