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By WPN-Rep12
We are keeping you updated on the coming features and fixes. The lists you see here only represent the fixes players experience directly. The development teams also release other updates for the WPN teams to better serve your needs and improve customer service. As always, we welcome your feedback.

List of Previous Releases:

These schedules are always evolving and are subject to change.

Feb 27th: Downtime 6am to 7am ET

- Server configurations for smoother play
- Quick-fix to register players in a Day 2 who won a Day 1 but didn't automatically get registered into Day 2.
- Fix possible cases of players unable to play next hand in Blitz formats (cash and cyclones).

Mar 4th, 2020 Downtime 6am to 7am ET

- Stability Updates.
- Bot breaking/detecting improvements.
- Mobile – Improved table layout and design.
- Desktop table graphics improvement:
* Bigger action buttons.
* Different preaction buttons.
* Avatar/Nameplate highlight on turn to act.
* Table shadow.
* New dealer button.
- Blitz Poker capped to 5 tables across all stakes.
- Blitz Poker, ‘Waiting for other players…’ message only shows after waiting 3 or more seconds.
- Never open a table directly on top of another open table.
- Right-click on table to change to different table style.
- Slower scrolling in the lobby game list for easier searching.
- Cyclones – Tickets won counter under progress bar.
- Top table buttons tool tips.
- Some ACR Stormers get unique avatars

Bug Fixes
- Missing Hand History in Players Client due to DB timeout when requesting sync.
- Missing $0.10/$0.25 Stakes Filter.
- Manual Auto Top Up error when adding the funds to the table stack, the funds would eventually be included in table cashout amount.
- Mac version live update error.
- BotCheck recaptcha not showing.

Mid - March, 2020 – Live Update (no downtime)

- Table buttons change graphics when you hover over them.
- WPN CEO unique avatar: justsomefish72

April 1st, 2020

- Stability Updates.
- Mobile: New Lobby + Cyclones.
- Disconnect Time Bank improvement and logic review.
- When sitting out, show folded cards on mouse hover.
- Leave table open option when busting out of a tournament.
- Expand/collapse table box by pressing the icons.
- Option to convert chip display to number of big blinds.

Bug Fixes
- Client open sometimes prevents other applications from using F buttons.

2nd Quarter, 2020

Spin to Get In Auto-Spin
Stay in the Game Feature
Progressive KOs
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By Chris
On the update, - Option to convert stack display to number of big blinds", need to make sure that is going to convert everything to big blinds and not just stack display. It should include bet size, pot size, etc.
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By WalterJamess
So you're just never bringing Stud/8b back? Those tables were 'temporarily disabled' a year ago and I still don't see any mention of them here. If you're never bringing them back, just let players know so that we can go elsewhere instead of waiting indefinitely for you.


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