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By WPN-Rep12
Jan 29th, 2020 – RELEASED!
New Features
– Cyclones Release
– New Table Themes: Football and Arcade
– Stability Updates.
– Bot Detecting/Breaking Improvements.
– HUD files for BlitzPoker.
– Adjust Bet Size with mouse scroll.
– Hide Live Blackjack Button Option.
– Full nicknames always showing in the nameplate.
– Larger Lobby Scroll Bar for easier scrolling.
– Penny ending step tournament tickets conversion to generic value tickets.
– Being able to save player notes while in observer mode.
– All Sats to show in Target MTT Lobby.
– Automatic refunds improvements.
Bug Fixes
– Cant sit back in after ‘Sit out next BB’ performed.
– Timebank disengaged after reconnecting.
– New Player Notes disappearing after a player with a note sits at the table.
– Player Note not saving after noted player was moved from the table.
– Player Note randomly failing to read note from DB when containing tab characters.
– Wrong Prizepool displayed when Bounty & Addon are used in the same tournament
– Inaccurate Largest, Average, Smallest stack in the tournament lobby.
– Cap Game Filter not working.
– ReCaptcha not showing on Bot checks.
– Connection error while waiting for HU rematch to start.
– SB/BB chips randomly not showing on the table.
- Rathole Logic for normal cash games fix: what ever amount you left with should be your buyin for the next 30 mins.


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