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By WPN-Rep12
Remember to check the new features, improvements and bug fixes included in our upcoming March 18th update.

This is a clickable list of upcoming features not necessarily in development priority, lists are always evolving and subject to change.

- Option to convert chip display to number of big blinds. *
- Cyclones on Mobile Client. *
- Antes in cash games and cyclones. *
- Client Settings ReDesign
- Poker Chips ReDesign
- Financial History Redesign
- MTT Players Sitting out should display as sitting out.
- Players sitting out should fold their cards on their turn to act on any street regardless of not needing to call a bet.
- Opt out of promotional table messages.
- Min/Max Late Registration
- Lobby Improvements
- Difference in display between active table and on waiting list for cash tables.
- Replayer improvements
- Sound customizations.
- Tournament Summaries.
- Sound Improvements.
- Maintain amount on table, being able to set it to initial buyin amount

* scheduled for release.


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