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Hand History Issues

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 3:05 pm
by ACR Rep
For those of you seeing missing hands in your databases (like PokerTracker or HEM):

#1. Ensure you have the option checked in the client to save hand histories to your computer.
#2. Ensure your database software is pointing to the correct folder.

If these are correct and your database software is still missing many hands, compare the text files on your hard drive with the hands in your database. If you see hands in those text files that are not in your database, then your software is simply not importing the hands. Then you'll need to check with the software provider. For example, post in their forums.

Note: We are aware of a bug that is not writing some (but it's rare) hands to the harddrive. We have a fix for that bug coming on March 4th. If you are missing MANY hands, this is not related to the bug.

If you are missing hands you know you played, provided us with hand numbers is helpful for us. You could post those in this thread. PLEASE NOTE: only provide hand numbers you can see have not been written to the txt files. NOT hands that weren't imported by a 3rd party software like PokerTracker or HEM.

There also is a bug we must fix in which if you close a table before a hand is over, that hand is not written to your hard drive. We do not have an ETA for that fix yet.