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By revvn
I'm currently 5 tabling and the client keeps closing with no error message. It's happened 3 times so far and I've only been playing 2-3 hours. One time after relogging from one of the crashes, while I was playing at my 5 tables I looked back at the main client window and it had the login popup as if I was logged out. I clicked the login button then all 5 of my tables got an error message indicating I had lost connection and to click "ok" to reconnect. Clicking the ok button would only close and open the connection error popup again, so i forced to restart the client to get back to my games.

My computer is not being taxed during this, I'm sitting at roughly 50% cpu and memory usage
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By WPN-Rep12
it doesn't seem like a resources issue but for the record could you share your specs?
it seems to be more connection related, do you see a difference playing less hands?


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